Industrial Designer

Singapore, , SG
I am a designer who helps solve (societal) problems by designing products & services that create positive impact on individuals & communities to become healthier /safer /stronger /better.
Nürnberg, BY, DE
Lucca, LU, IT
Hong Kong, HCW, HK
Andrea Ponti is an Italian designer specializing in everyday life-enhancing electronics, who has developed hundreds of products currently on the market. He collaborates with several Italian and international design companies and fashion houses.
Gussago, BS, IT
Born in Italy in 1976, James di Marco graduated with honours in scenography from Milan’s Brera Academy of Fine Arts in 2001 and obtained two masters in Design from Milan Polytechnic in 2001-3 (Master in Rapid Prototyping 2001/2002; Master in Furniture Design 2002/2003).