Our guidelines are minimal, but we would like to offer some suggestions to keep the site visually beautiful and easy to use. 


Join . Login . Submit

This will allow you to be part of the Visual Potluck community.  From here you can click the heart to add favorites, you can sort by user name, view your submissions, edit your profile, add your location, add your website, add your social network contacts, follow others, comment and even add a hire me link!


Quality . Composition . Lighting . Crisp + Clean

Visual Potluck can only be as beautiful as the images that are submitted and viewed here each day.  We are striving for a high quality site, not just a place for any image.  We want you to be part of something beautiful, something special.  Each time you click on the site, we want you to be inspired and share this inspiration with others.


Size Matters

Image size is (250px) x (250px).  You can crop the image down but you cannot size it up.  Oh yeah, no borders please on the image.  Let the image be the border.  We also really enjoy the white space around an image.  


Original Source

Give credit where credit is due.  If you are not the main source, please do your best to find the source and get permission to post their work.  People appreciate your courtesy and you will appreciate the same in return.  If you feel anything submitted is a violation of your copyright, please contact us and we will respond to the claim as immediate as possible.


Captions . Categories . Tags, oh my!

Try to make your Captions and Titles simple and interesting to the reader.  Let your images do the talking and your text be the brief introduction.  Remember, Words can be Visual too.  Categories are required to allow efficient filtering of the images.  You are also able to sort and search the Visual catalogue with Categories and Tags.  While Categories are limited, Tags are your source of freedom.  You add your own Tags to your posts.  Try to be selective with your Tags as this will give them a better chance to be viewed.  If you see a Tag already on the site, try to use the same one to allow the Tag system to be more efficient with the filtering.


Curate your Community

This is as much your community as it is ours.  We would like to ask that everyone take ownership of their work, their comments and their manners.  We do moderate the site and do our best to review and approve everything that is submitted, but sometimes we miss some things. If you see something that we missed, let us know.  And yes, we do want to know about spelling and grammar errors.  


The Golden Rule

Treat others the way you would like them to treat you.  Be respectful in your comments and your reviews of others works.


Be Inspired . Visually™